zondag 29 maart 2009

Tante Els & Ome Frank are visiting !!!!

We got visit! Tante Els & Ome Frank are over from the Netherlands to spend some time with us.Darja, our au-pair returned home on March 19th and Amber, from China will join our family on March 27th. Mama is very busy at work as usual and therefor Lukas & Anne-Sophie will spend Thursday afternoon with Uncle Frank & Aunt Els. At first Lukas & Anne-Sophie need some time to adjust but as soon as that is settled Tante Els & Ome Frank decided to go to the children's museum. Anne-Sophie soon was very tired so Tante Els decided to return to the hotel to put Anne-Sophie to bed and Uncle Frank decided to stay with Lukas in the museum:
Ome Frank & Lukas really enjoyed themselves. They stayed over two hours but after many strange & suspicious looks of outsiders they decided to return back to the hotel.

Babysitting is very tiring especiallywhen you are not used to childeren so Anne-Sophie woke up and Uncle Frank fell asleep:

On Saturday Mama finally had a day off and we went together with Amnber to do some outlet shopping. In the evening we enjoyed Uncle Frank's cooking and we really had a good time.....

On Sunday we had to say goodbye! Tante Els & Ome Frank thank you for visiting us and we hope you will come back soon!

zondag 22 maart 2009

A busy Sunday

Darja left back home as she was very home sick. Mama cleaned her room and decided that it is time to redecorate the room for the new au-pair to come. We went to the store but mama couldn't find anything she liked, so decided to let us redecorate the room:

We coloured the photo lists and when finished we went outside to pose for the pictures to be put in the new frames:

Result: 4 new beautiful paintings. Mission accomplished